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Help Me Study Abroad! (Please. I Am So Desperate.)


So I have this amazing opportunity to perhaps study abroad in Florence, Italy for a whole month in the summer studying poetry and working on my craft. It gives me 8 credit hours (which is a lot in a month, if you don’t know how the U.S. university system works) and it’s a chance to immerse myself in the beautiful history and culture of Florence.
The only catch is that it’s MAD expensive. The program is through NYU and I can’t get any financial aid through UIUC’s study abroad office. The simple answer to my issues would be to have my parents pay for it but as most of you know, my dad isn’t for my writing at all.

I’m working on a lot of ways to pay the whole thing in full (a nice whopping $10,000) but a nice non-taxed way for me to make revenue is through book sales! If you were at all thinking about buying a copy of The Things They Don’t Teach You In School now or in the near future, please do get it! Every dollar counts and I will be so grateful. This is such an amazing opportunity and I know it’s going to impact my writing (and my life in general) so much! If you can’t purchase a copy, which I totally understand because money is tight, I would be so grateful if you could spread the link around.

Thank you guys so much for all the support you’ve given me thus far in all my endeavors, I cannot stress how amazing you all are. <3

Much love,



The giveaway would not have happened without all the supporters of!

Asian Kung Fu Generation compilation albums covers

Takashi Murakami
Red Demon and Blue Demon with 48 Arhats, 2013
Acrylic, gold and platinum leaf on canvas mounted on board
Five panels; 118 1/8 x 196 7/8 inches overall
©2013 Takashi Murakami/Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved

O Beijo Adolescente 2 by Rafael Coutinho













That’s not cool Tumblr.


Reblogging just in case this is true. I’ll get it off my blog here later, but for now….

Yeah if this is true… I’m just leaving this here and may or not remove all art.




Oh yeah. It’s true.

What makes this even more of a shitshow though? Well, if you don’t feel like digging through all the legalese to find this section, I’ve done it for you. This is what it says as of 2014-01-25, 19:53 PST:


Read that. Read all of it. Not just the legalese in white. Not just the “skimmer-friendly” version in gray. Read both and notice how they technically, for all legal purposes, say the same things…yet completely contradict one another from any practical standpoint. The gray boxes are all nice and friendly. The legalese is basically a great big ol’ FUCK YOU.

So yeah, signal boost the hell out of this.

uuuuuugh whaat :(

I’ll be deleting this blog and moving to an alternative website if this actually happens, just to let you all know. s:

Not sure about the truth in this.. But it sounds really bad for the artists that use tumblr to share their work…?

While I am not a lawyer, my understanding is that “for the limited purposes of…” is a precise legal term in copyright law. And they outline those uses for reblogging, potentially onto tumblr sites hosted on personal URLs. Also, this language, or very similar, was present when I signed on last April. Further, ever notice how images suck when your phone reception is bad? They are serving low res files to the mobile devices, I presume, to keep up connectivity, doing that necessitates creating derivative works. Again, I may be wrong but I did read this through several times when it popped up on log-in and am fairly certain intentions are best to be expected from a corporation.


(Source: psychfacts)

Took me a while. 

Highschool in the 60’s 
By Arthur Schatz